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5 Muscle-Building Mistakes To Avoid

Most guys make at least one of these 5 muscle-building mistakes. Don’t be one of them.

Here’s the sad reality for most guys: You can train a few times per week, eat healthy food and still struggle to build muscle and lose fat.

Trust me, I know.

When I first started working out, I almost gave up. Despite investing hundreds of hours lifting weights, I had little to show for it. After months of frustration, I was ready to call it quits.

Luckily, I got help. Learning from coaches and mentors, I gained over 40 pounds of muscle and completely changed my life.

Now it’s your turn.

5 Muscle-Building Mistakes (And solutions)

MISTAKE #1. YOU DON’T EAT Enough Food.

Every guy tells us that he “eats a lot” but still can’t gain weight. We even said the same thing for years. But guess what? If you’re not as muscular as you want to be, you aren’t eating nearly enough.

Most skinny guys have a metabolism akin to a hummingbird hooked on trailer park meth. To combat your crazy-fast metabolism, you simply have to eat more food than you’re eating now. 

At the height of his S2B journey, Tom (pictured below) was eating a Muscle Breakfast, Muscle Lunch, Muscle Dinner, and drinking three healthy, calorie-packed Super Shakes per day. Now that’s eating big. And it translated to 33 pounds of muscle.

So how much are you eating every day? Are you keeping track? You don’t have to count calories, but you do have to stuff your face with healthy food multiple times per day. And we recommend you start with the Super Shake. (See below.)

Tom learned how to eat big and gained 33 pounds in the S2B Coaching Program.

MISTAKE #2. YOU Don’t Stick To one workout program

Skinny guys take the old bodybuilding colloquialism “keep your body guessing” to absurd lengths. But guys who get great results understand they only have to do two simple things:

  • Pick a program that’s made for them (a guy who wants to add muscle)
  • Follow the program for at least two months

Most skinny guys never build muscle because they’re too impatient to actually stick with a workout routine. That’s why in the S2B coaching program, our clients can track their progress throughout the year and stay motivated.

Here you can track your workouts, motivating you to stick with a program that actually works.


You read a couple articles on working out and nutrition every day, but you’re hit or miss when it comes to making it to the gym or eating enough healthy food.

This was Kalin’s problem before he became an S2B client.

He read so many fitness and nutrition articles, Kalin had the illusion that he was actually making good gains. After all, he knew a bunch of stuff about working out.  But when he looked in the mirror, he just saw the same scrawny guy.

We call this “analysis paralysis”. It’s where you get so used to reading fitness articles you forget to actually do what the articles suggest. And there’s a very simple way to fix it.

Kalin learned how to get rid of analysis paralysis and gained 28 pounds in the S2B Coaching Program.


The easiest way to stay skinny is to never track your stats or measure your progress.

That’s why successful guys measure things like:

  • how much weight they lifted in the gym
  • how many meals they eat

The guys in our coaching program also step on the scale every week and take monthly progress photos. Why? The more things you measure, the more progress you’ll see.

Didn’t increase your weight on the scale but added 1/2 an inch to your chest? You’d never know if you didn’t measure.

Measuring your progress and keeping track of your workout and nutrition “stats” helps show you what you need to do to keep getting results.

Week keep track of the important stuff so you can keep making progress.


You don’t get thrown into a calculus class and expect to pass, especially if you don’t know how to do calculus. Instead, you have a teacher. With their help, you figure out how to do the work, and ace the class.

That’s why guys who don’t know how to build muscle will save themselves months of frustration by finding a teacher to help show them the way.

It’s also why Calvin decided to work with us. Even though he was a former college athlete, he still needed a coach to push him and hold him accountable. (And he ended up gaining 40 pounds of muscle and winning $10,000.)

Having a mentor or an awesome training partner will help you:

  • go to the gym consistently
  • push yourself on hard exercises
Plus you’ll have someone to share the experience with you.

Calvin got the coaching he needed in the S2B Coaching Program, gaining 40 pounds and winning $10,000 along the way.


After each mistake above, we gave you a proven solution. But if you tried to follow all of those at one time, you’d probably get frustrated and fail. Suddenly, you’d be back to where you started.

Instead of overloading yourself, pick any habit from the list below and follow that for the next two weeks. After that, move on to another and another until you’re following every habit consistently.

    • Go on a one-week fitness media fast.
    • Drink 3 Super Shakes every day.
    • Pick a program that was written for your goal and stick to it.
    • Keep a workout journal and track your weight on the scale.
    • Train with a mentor or group of like-minded guys with similar goals.
Do those 5 things and you’ll be ahead of 99% of guys who try to build muscle.

About the Author: Nate Green is the Program Director for Scrawny To Brawny. You can find him on Facebook or Google+.

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